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During Golf Season, you must reserve at least 3 days in advance by calling 563-659-3187 or contacting Lynn. There may be events prohibiting the use of the indoor simulators. 

***You must be a golfing member or social member to use the simulators.****
Reserve for 1 or 2 hours by calling 659-3187. Do not leave a message.

$30 per hour, can rent 1 or 2 hours. Cost is per group, so if 4 players, each pays $7.50 per hour. If anyone in the group is a simulator member, their portion is free. 

To reserve, call 659-3187 and give all names of players golfing. You may reserve up to 7 days in advance. You cannot reserve again until you have completed a current reservation.

Please be patient with scheduling.


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