2022 SBCC Scheduled Events
Events subject to change and/or additions.


September 13 Boys Golf 3:15                                                             Front 9 closed 3pm

September 15 #1 Tee Busy 1-2pm  No Dining due to Private Party

September 20 Boys Golf 9am                                                             Course Closed 9-3pm

September 22 Boys Golf 3:45                                                             Front 9 closed 3:30pm

September 23 Guardian Golf Outing & Lunch                       11am lunch Course closed Noon-6

September 23 Calcutta Auction                                                         7pm

September 24 Calcutta                                                                       #1 Tee Busy 9-TBA



October 15      8 inch Cup 4-Person Scramble                                    Course closed @ 11am

October 16      8 inch Cup Couples Scramble                                     Course closed @ Noon

October 17      8 inch Cup Senior 2-Person Scramble                                    Course closed @ 10am

October 23      Trick or Treat @ SBCC                                                            1-3pm Course Closed

**HS Boys Golf Invitationals TBA

**Events may be added as year progresse